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1. What is MyGolf ?

MyGolf is a management software for golf clubs, golf events organizers, sponsors, etc. It provides management solutions for them as well as for the members or players, who have access to every useful information on a website directly related to the software.

Thanks to MyGolf, you can settle complicated operations in the twinkling of an eye as it leads you step by step through:

  • The creation of a competition
  • The management of subscriptions
  • The encoding and management of the results
  • The updating of the members' data
  • The booking of grounds online with time preferences
  • etc.

Besides, it's very easy to use since we know that nobody likes to waste time on administrative tasks. The aim of MyGolf is to make you save a lot of time, money and energy.


Are you a federation, or a federative structure ? Please, contact us by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to see our special federation solution, a set of tools specially designed for federation.


Take a look on this web site, and check out what MyGolf can do for you !


2. What is so special about it?

What is so special about MyGolf, is that there is no other solution like it !

It has been developed by golf professionals for golf professionals, and enjoyed their experience as far as management is concerned. Therefore, MyGolf perfectly meets any golf professionnal's expectations and answers his needs by providing him an easy way of saving a great deal of time. You can carry out a lot of operations online without getting out of your house and everything is automatically updated!


What about the members/players? Which are exactely the advantages for the administrator?
Every member of the club or every player gets a personal code giving access to a menu restricted to the members. Using this access, you can book a ground, subscribe to competition and tell your departure times preferences. It also gives you the possibility of checking the departure lists, your results after a competition and of having your new handicap calculated as well as the general statistics of the club, in just a few clicks !



3. How to use it?

My Golf is very simple to use because simplicity is pledge of facility and speed. The procedure for every operation you wish to carry out is logical and clear, you just have to fill in the fields one after another. If you want to use a function, click on its link at the left of the page and follow the indications. It works the same way in both the administrator and members menus.

You may find a lot of tutorials in our Download section.


4. More ?

Feel free to ask for an online live demo of MyGolf product and fill this Demonstration form.